June 25, 2014

Sudden Urge

Remember how the other day Master and I went out to my grandfather's house and took some of the things we wanted from the house before they sell it?

Well... apparently it affected me more than I originally thought. I mean yeah I was a little upset and emotionally confused but other than that nothing really seem to have changed. But then that night I went to bed when Master did. It was about 2am. I stayed in bed trying to fall asleep for what seemed like an eternity but I just couldn't drift off. I was comfortable but my mind just wouldn't shut the hell down. So finally at 4:30am I decided to get out of bed so I wouldn't continue to toss and turn. When I got out of bed Master woke up long enough to ask what was up. I explained that I couldn't sleep and that I would take the dog out before I came to bed.

I came out to the living room and went on the computer for a while. I didn't really do anything. I just web surfed. I did window shop for a couple of things that will need to be replaced when we move, like our bed and the computer desk. Why? Because it passed time. *shrugs*

Finally around 5:30am I decided to take the dog out. Once we got back in I still couldn't sleep. I continued to just surf the web for a little while but decided I should at least try to sleep. The only problem was that I still wasn't tired. Well actually, that's not true. I was very tired. I was tired when I originally went to bed. However, my mind was still spinning about absolutely nothing. I didn't want to go back to the bedroom and start tossing and turning and keeping Master up. So I decided to just try to crash on the couch. It still took me until 7:30am to fall asleep. I only know that because that's what time it was the last time I looked at the clock before finally passing out.

Master wasn't exactly happy that I slept on the couch. He prefers me in bed next to Him but I explained why and all that.

I also told Him that one thing that was running through my head while I was awake was that everything seemed to be speeding up. I think knowing that Grandpa's house will be sold by October 1st if not sooner kind of planted that thought in my head. So suddenly I wanted to start cleaning stuff out of the apartment so that when we move we have a little less to do. It's not like I can pack anything away because we have no idea when we are moving and so we need everything out yet.

But that doesn't mean I can't go through a couple of things and at least get rid of shit we won't be taking with us and have just not bothered throwing away.

As a result I tackled our bedroom closet. It was kind of a catch all. While I was doing that I was getting a little upset. I think what we had done the day before started catching up with me a bit. But I got a big hug from Master and I felt better and continued. There were two trash bags full of things that I was able to toss. Granted most of it were my old hand written journals that I kept before I started blogging. They were a requirement from Master just like this blog is. We had originally wanted to burn them but there is no where to do that so instead we just tossed them out. I also shoved all of my winter clothes into a trash bag and put that on the closet floor. It's not like I'm going to wear them and it makes no sense to put them in a box. Whenever I move I always just put my clothes in bags and move them that way. It's easier.

I actually felt better once that was done. Why? I have no idea.

Then today I went through the hallway closet. That also took two trash bags full of stuff out to the dumpster. Most of it was old computer keyboards and an old computer monitor. But there was other random shit that we had pretty much just shoved away in there as a just in case. But since we haven't used any of it in years I figured that we wouldn't need to drag it with us when we move just to throw it away later. We did have some empty boxes in the hallway closet that I kept because we'll need them when we move. Like for the DVD player and the Xbox 360.

I figure that the less we have to move the better. So I might as well start tossing shit now. There is only one closet left and that is in the 2nd bedroom where we have the bunnies set up. That is all Master's stuff and He said He would take care of it. So I just told Him that once He gets to it just let me know and I'll help.

So basically in the past two days I have tossed out four garbage bags worth of shit that has just been sitting in our closets for absolutely no reason what so ever for who knows how many years. Nothing like knowing you are going to move to make you do some major cleaning out of shit that you just haven't bothered cleaning out because there wasn't really a pressing reason to.

The rest of the apartment I think will be a lot easier. Aside from the 2nd bedroom closet and the basement storage unit that's really all we can go through right now. And Master basically wants to handle those two things. The only other place I can think of is the one drawer and two cabinets in the bathroom. I know that most of it are things we'll keep but I can at least get some shit out of there. Anything to make it easier when it's finally time to leave. I'd rather get it done now rather than having to worry about it on top of actually packing and putting things into a U-Haul.

I have no other explanation for this sudden urge to do all of this aside from this feeling I have that things are starting to speed up. Plus I have the time on my hands so why the hell not.

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