June 11, 2014

Nothing But Bad News

Today just hasn't been a day for good news.

I got an e-mail today in regards to the 911 job I had applied to back in March. I had taken another one of their tests last week and I honestly thought I had done really well. Apparently it wasn't good enough. The e-mail informed me that I basically did not have a high enough score to move on with the hiring process. I was honestly very upset. I mean I applied to this job back in March and I had taken two tests for it. I rocked out on the data entry test and then I moved on to the mock call center test I took. Granted it wasn't just a mock call center test but still. I honestly thought I did well. I really wanted that job. It pays really well and it was in the area we are looking to move to. It would have been perfect. I cried a little bit when I got the e-mail. But Master told me I have done really well but others did better and since they are only looking to fill five positions I was cut from the process. I wasn't told what my score was. Obviously I've been applying to other jobs this entire time but it was still a pretty big let down.

I did get a lead on a job from a friend of ours that we haven't talked to in a long time because he moved out of state. He works for a company and he is a remote customer service rep, meaning he works from home. He had just found out that they were hiring so he told me about it and gave me the link to apply. I did so immediately. It would be nice to work from home. And at least I already know it's legit since our friend works for them and has for some time now. Maybe it'll go somewhere.

The other bad news is that I got an update on my grandfather today. Getting updates isn't a bad thing but the information I got this time is bad. He is constantly talking about how he's going to float up and see his wife. He is so beyond ready to go. His body just isn't letting the ghost go.

He is getting more combative. They have had to drug him several times, with my father's permission, to calm him down. Other wise they risked him hurting himself or others. It was basically either that or restraining him. They were also worried that if they restrained him he would harm himself. As a result drugging him was the safest option.

He isn't recognizing most people now. And if he does it's only for a very brief moment. And for the past two days people have shown up to visit and he has refused to see them. He is also cussing everyone out and screaming at them. Apparently he is refusing all of his medication and the nurses can't give him his insulin because he isn't eating.

According to the doctor his being combative is pretty normal given that his brain isn't getting all of the blood and oxygen it is supposed to get.

All of us are just wishing that he wasn't suffering anymore. We all feel horrible for saying it only because we know that would mean he would be gone. But... I don't know. We don't want him to suffer. It's killing us to see him go through all of this and not be able to do anything to help him. His DNR prohibits basically anything we could do. And honestly we are all extremely surprised he has made it this far. His soul wants to go but his body is keeping him trapped here.


  1. If you're looking to work from home, with your skills you'd be great at leap force. That's what my sister slave does for a living. -misha

  2. You start at like 13.50. People who are skilled and have been there a long time can get up to like 18. There are lots of reviews out there on the company. Some people love it and some hate it. You get paid per task and the company decides how long the task should take. She's had a great experience with it, although some people struggle with taking the right amount of time (you shouldn't be too fast, or too slow) and with the idea of no benefits. But we have great insurance privately and she's always pretty much right on the task minutes so we've got nothing but good things to say, really. It's nice to have her at home and it's very flexible. She only works when she wants.

    Even if it doesn't turn out to be your thing, I hope something works out for you soon. You deserve it! I know something will come along for you.

    1. Thank you. :) I appreciate that and the information.

  3. If you hadn't put it as part of your update, I was going to ask yesterday how your grandfather was doing. I'm really sorry to hear that he's at the point he is now. I don't think it's bad at all that you all are wishing that this would just end. There's clearly something about the physical strength of his body that is overriding all the mental and it's torture for all of you.

    I agree that you have some good work from home skills. I don't know Leap Force (looking at the reviews from employees on Glassdoor.com, you may be best off working for them while looking for other jobs), but there are loads of legit work from home jobs these days. You might also want to look to see if you can find a place doing tech support. I think you'd be good at it. While companies like you to be tech familiar (this doesn't mean knowing how to code, it's more about having played around with the computer and being interested), it's definitely possible to learn everything you need from training.

    If you don't know it, Glassdoor.com has reviews from current and past employees from many companies (offline and online). I've always found it a good resource on checking out what it's like to work for a specific company. It also can weed out what's legit from what's more work than it pays (or a flat out scam). Not every company is going to be on there, but I'd expect any company whose business model comes from working from home would be. It's smaller companies that are less likely to have reviews. You do get a some reviews on Glassdoor by people who either have a grudge or sound like they're been forced to write a positive review, but most are pretty fair in descriptions. Also, they have a section of the site with info about general pay scales for specific jobs so you can make sure to know how much to really ask for.

    I can't remember if I've said it before, but you might want to try to do free online courses that bolster skills that will help with the fields you're interested in. Even if they don't give any certificate, you'll now be able to list those specific skills. Most require no more than 8 hours a week and depending on the course/skill, you may be able to do some of the work offline. It's also a way to explore things you're interested in without the stress or cost of conventional schooling, so you could start with something just based on interest and if it happens to boost your resume, that's a bonus. (You can find, for free, everything from literature classes to coding & computer skills to math & science classes; the options are close to limitless these days.)

    1. Thank you for your thoughts in regards to my grandfather. I will be looking into the info your provided! Maybe I can find a free online course that will help me become more valuable to employers. :)