June 9, 2014

A Very Long Time

The other night Master did something that He doesn't in a long time. I had just gotten off from Him eating me out and He was kneeling up on the bed. He had grabbed my neck and maneuvered me so that I was laying in between His legs with His cock right in front of my mouth.

He gathered up my hair so that it wouldn't fall into my face. At first He allowed me to pick the pace and decide how far down my head went. I had to work saliva around in my mouth as I was still out of breath and my mouth was dry. As a result it took me a little while to be able to get my mouth more than half way down His shaft comfortably.

He leaned back a little and I believe He was looking down, watching. I couldn't tell as I wasn't looking up but it was just one of those feelings. You know, like someone is watching you. I could be wrong.

I would slow down and then pick up the pace every now and then. He would growl and moan. I slowly pulled my head back until His cock was fully out of my mouth so that I could work my tongue around the head of it before quickly and rather suddenly taking it back into my mouth causing Him to grip my hair even tighter.

Eventually though He rather suddenly put His free hand, the hand that wasn't holding my hair, on top of my head. He wasn't forceful about it. He was only putting a small amount of pressure so that I wouldn't pull my head up. I wasn't sure what He wanted me to do so I just stayed still. My mouth was about half way down the length of His cock. I applied a little bit of pressure with my tongue and He moaned.

I'm glad I stayed still. I think that is what He wanted as shortly there after He started fucking my mouth. It was slow long strokes. Every time I felt Him pushing forward I relaxed my throat as much as possible so that I wouldn't gag. I can normally control my gag reflex pretty well, but no one is perfect. This time I didn't have an issue at all.

He only used His hips though. He didn't push down on my head although He kept His hand there. I knew that if it was absolutely necessary that I could just tap on His leg and He would allow me to lift my head. I only do that if I am gagging or I can't breathe. I'm glad that I didn't have those problems this time.

I greatly enjoyed it. Every time His balls touched my chin I moaned a little. He wasn't just fucking my mouth, He was going balls deep into it. I was beginning to think He was going to continue to do that until He came but that wasn't the case. After a little while He pulled my head up and quickly put me on all fours. He fucked me roughly to the point where we were both panting after we were done.

Like I said, it has been a very long time since He has done that. I'm glad He did. I had missed it.

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