July 3, 2014

Start & Stop

(This is technically my 07/02/14 post but I'm doing it after midnight... so... yeah...)

We have never had bad sex. Ever. Not in eleven years. And while this morning it was not bad sex it was a little... I can't decide on a word here. Awkward? I don't know. That word doesn't feel right either but we'll run with it for now I guess.

We haven't been having sex as frequently as we usually do just due to stress and one or both of us not feeling well.

Anyway, last night I was feeling a bit frisky but Master wasn't really feeling it mainly because He was stressed out due to some conversations we had earlier that evening. Sometimes I react to stress by wanting to fuck. Sometimes that's how He deals with it too but last night wasn't one of them.

I went to bed earlier than usual just because I was bored and just kind of blah as the night went on. As a result I got up before He did this morning, which is rare. I stayed up for about a hour before I went back into the bedroom and crawled into bed next to Him.

I wanted to wake Him up by stroking His cock but He was laying on His stomach. As a result I nuzzled His arm until He woke up enough to roll onto His side. I immediately reached down to grab His dick but He said, "At least let me use the bathroom first." *laughs*

Once He crawled back into bed I started stroking His cock and just laid on my side next to Him. He enjoyed it for a while before telling me to get on top.

I got off twice very, very hard. They were the kind of orgasms where your whole body shakes. He wasn't as interactive because He was simply laying back and enjoying the sensations and enjoying watching me. But eventually I started to cramp a little bit. I didn't want it to get any worse so I asked if He would pull me by my legs. I moved my legs into position but because I was a little sweaty He had a difficult time getting a good grip. And then His lower back started to hurt.

So there we are.. I don't want my cramping to start going again and neither of us wanted His back to hurt so eventually He just looked up at me and said, "So what do you wanna do?" I basically shrugged my shoulders and said, "Do You want to sit up so I can blow You?"

I got off of Him and He sat up. He gathered up my hair and my neck had been bothering me the night before (still is a little) and as a result I didn't feel like I was giving as good of a blowjob as I normally do. He got off and shot His cum down my throat and still seemed pleased. I already had those two amazing orgasms. So it's not like we didn't enjoy ourselves.

It was still really good sex... It was just a little weird because we kind of had to think it through and start and stop things a few times rather than what we normally do which is just switch things up when it feels right and it all flows.

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