June 7, 2014


This... well... it's a very odd subject. And some people may think I'm an absolutely horrible person for posting it. That's up to you. Either way I'm being honest about it.

I heard a song in the car today that I hadn't heard before. It's by Bobaflex which isn't really a band I care for. But the song was called "I'm Glad You're Dead". I know that sounds like a horrible song title but ya know what.. there is truth to it in certain situations. Obviously when my grandfather passes the lyrics to the song will not apply to him. But ya know what? It does apply in certain other situations.

I had a cousin that when I found out he had died I was actually happy about it. He was a creep. And by creep I mean it in every sense of the word. When I was younger he had actually tried groping me. By younger I mean I was barely 12 years old. He had died from an accidental overdose and the first thought it my head was, "Serves him right."

There is a saying that you should never speak ill of the dead and honestly that saying pisses me off. Just because you have passed away does not automatically make you a saint. It doesn't clean your slate. If you were a horrible person in life when you die it doesn't mean that suddenly no one can speak bad about you. The fact that you are no longer breathing.

There is another person who I was happy to hear about their passing. It was a whore of a woman that continuously bounced between dating my uncle and a cousin of mine. One family get together she would show up with my uncle and then the next she would show up with my cousin. (Not the cousin I was referring to earlier.) Whoever had more money at the time is the one she went with. And after my cousin moved out of state she just continued to date my uncle. Then after my grandmother passed away she basically stayed with him until his inheritance money ran out. When she died I was again happy about it.

I've said such things to people in the past and some people agree while others look like I took a brick and smacked them in the face with it. Not because they knew these people but because they are dead and I shouldn't talk about them like that.

When I die I don't expect to be thought of as a saint because I'm not. But I'm also not a horrible person. There will people who miss me and I'm sure there will be people who won't care. *shrugs* It's just how things go.

As I've said I never understood and cannot stand that whole "Never speak ill of the dead" saying. Sorry. I'm not going to follow that little "rule". Someone explained to me that the saying exists because they aren't here to defend themselves. I laughed when they told me that, more so because this particular person is one who talks about everyone behind their backs. So, it's okay to do it while they are breathing but not after the fact? I don't think so.

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