November 9, 2014

Birthday Party

Yesterday Master and I got out of the house for a little while. It was His nephew's birthday party. The sad fact is that we hardly ever see His side of the family, in regards to His father's side. We don't really care that we hardly see His mother. In fact, currently, we prefer it. But we get along really well with His dad these days. But since His father's schedule is so erratic we don't see him very often. And really we only see Master's brother and eldest sister about three times a year. Once for each of the brother's three kids. This time it was His eldest nephew's third birthday. We got there a little late only because, given experience, we know that they are never running on time with such things and we were normally the first ones there. As a result we decided to be "fashionably late".

There is one weird thing about the birthday parties for the kids though. It seems kind of segregated. Everyone has these little pockets of people that they go to and that's it. The only ones who ever move around are Master's brother and his wife. They are hosting the party so of course we expect them to be everywhere but other than that everyone kind of keeps to their little cliques and that's it. Master and I don't really fit in with any of their friends so we are always around either my father-in-law or my eldest sister-in-law. Yesterday it was both. Master's two youngest sisters weren't there.

It was really nice catching up with them though. We only got to speak with Master's brother for a short period of time. On top of him hosting he also wasn't feeling that great. Poor guy. The brother's wife we talked to for about fifteen minutes all told. But like I said they are both hosting so they have to mingle with everyone, cut cake, open presents, run after the kids, etc.

Hopefully we'll get to see them again soon rather than waiting until His niece's birthday which if I remember correctly isn't until January.

We stayed for the mingling part and the cake part but we left before the presents were opened. We had stayed for about two and a half hours all told. And it was about that point where the groups started to break up even more so Master and I decided to bow out.

In other news I have been practicing my paracord bracelet skills and I'm getting better at it. I'm only doing the cobra weave right now because that seems to be the easiest. I've only been making practice ones. I haven't made any to sell just yet. I only had a limited amount of cord and clips anyway because I had bought a kit that only provided enough for eight bracelets. Tomorrow though I am going to buy more. I'm also going to see if they sell key chain rings so I can make a paracord key chain. I'm hoping to find some pretty cool colors too. I didn't really bother looking the last time because I knew what I went in there for and left right away. Same thing when I bought the kit. I knew that's what I wanted so I got it and left. Tomorrow I'll browse a bit and try and figure out what color(s) I think will sell best. Given it's Wisconsin I should probably buy some green and gold. I'm  not a fan of the Packers. Hell, I hate football. But I'm not making these for me. I'm trying to sell them and this state is nuts over green and gold. Aside from that I'll just see what they have and hope it turns out cool.


  1. Paracord is cheaper online and is of better quality. The Walmart stuff is often made in china and is definitely not the same quality. The lengths are also often inaccurate.

    Try checking out sides like,, and .

    1. I don't buy the paracord from Walmart. I actually get it from Hobby Lobby currently. I buy it in the bundles, rather than the pre-cut. Thankfully Hobby Lobby has really good coupons. The past three times I went I was able to use a 40% off coupon for each item, which was awesome. I got 100ft paracord for a little over $5. The buckles and key chain rings are super cheap too. From what I can tell it is the same quality as the websites I've visited. It is all 550 paracord, which is what I have bought. I appreciate the site links though! Maybe if this gets bigger I'll start buying online. For now though I think buying local is doing just fine.