October 23, 2014

Part Two

I had the second interview for the job I interviewed for last week. I had received a call on Tuesday asking me to come in for the second interview. She told me that she would send me a paper application to fill out. I know it seems weird that you wouldn't fill one out until after the first interview, but I guess that they don't want all that paperwork laying around. *shrugs* Whatever works.

They sent it as a PDF file. Fine by me! However, the issue was that it took me forever to fill it out since I wanted to type it all in but since it wasn't sent in such a way that I could fill it out normally, I had to create text boxes of my own in order to fill it out. That is why it took forever. It was also a consent form for them to run a background check.

But I filled it out and electronically signed it. I responded to the e-mail with the completed document attached to it and let them know that I would bring in a hand signed copy on Thursday. I just wanted them to have it as soon as possible so they could read it and just wait on my signature for the background check.

I was nervous all day waiting to leave. It wasn't until 3pm. So all day I was getting more and more anxious. I hate waiting to go somewhere especially when it is something important like this. As soon as it reached 1:30pm I started pacing. Thankfully I didn't drive Master too crazy.

At 2:15pm I put on some eye liner, put on a pair of slacks, and a nice top. I headed out shortly there after. The place is so close by that I still got there 20 minutes early. I like walking into places about 15 minutes before an interview. I sat in the car for 5 minutes and walked in.

The interview started precisely at 3pm. It was with the person I had originally interviewed with as well as her personal assistant. This time the interview was 40 minutes long. It was very relaxed. They are really nice and laid back people. We were joking around a little bit and everything.

I was told that only 5 people had made it to this point. They had two today, of which I was one of them and then three tomorrow. From there they decide who then want to offer the job to but they run the background check before contacting them to offer the job. They told me that because the background check is so extensive it can take anywhere between 7 to 14 days. Basically I won't know anything for the next week at the soonest and two weeks at the latest. I did get a copy of their business card and also a pamphlet about their insurance packages. I guess they are handing that out in case it would effect anyone's decision in regards to wanting the job.

I have honestly never wanted a job as much as I want this one. I have wanted jobs before but it was mainly because of how much they were paying and that was it. But with this job I like the pay rate they are offering and I would really enjoy such a small team of people and the relaxed feel to it.

I'm going to try and not drive myself, or Master, insane until I hear from them.

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