October 21, 2014

Body Hair

I am so glad that Master shaves. I'm not referring to His face. I'm talking about His manscaping. He has always been clean shaven down there. Well, for as long as I've known Him anyway.

It's not only because I love the look of it, because I do. I just do not find man bush attractive. Ew. Icky. It's also because I love the feel of it. It feels so good when we are both freshly shaved and we're fucking. I don't really know how to describe it. It also makes me grateful for the fact that I don't have to worry about pubic hair when I go down on Him.

I'm also one of those odd people who doesn't really like a lot of body hair. This is why I shave every day. There are of course exceptions when I ask Master if I can skip a night but that's only ever because I have really bad dry skin or I have razor burn and I don't want to irritate it.

 I honestly never understood women who don't shave in the winter because they aren't going to wear a swimsuit/shorts/skirts. Ew. I couldn't imagine going that long without shaving. Hell, I can't imagine going more than a couple of days without shaving.

I know Master appreciates that too.

The only time He tells me not to shave is when He wants me to grow in a landing strip. When He tells me to do that I don't shave anything down there for a day or two so that I can get an outline. After that I start shaving again except for where the landing strip will be. I start off with it a lot wider than it will end up just so I don't have to worry about fucking it up so early in the process.

Eventually, as it gets longer I'll start getting it down to where I want it so that it looks nice. He doesn't have me do that a lot though. And at some point He'll get tired of it and tell me to go clean shaven again. I personally prefer being clean shaven but it's not about what I want. It's about what pleases Him.

If I could afford it I would probably just get that permanent hair removal process done. The down side is that I couldn't have it done on my legs because of my tattoos there. Apparently it would screw up the ink. At least that's what I read the last time I checked into it. But at least I could do my armpits and my pussy. Well, actually since He sometimes likes the landing strip I would probably leave that part alone and just shave that strip away when He doesn't want me to have it. From what I understand it's not a cheap process anyway. Maybe one day I'll get it done. Not having to worry about razor burn or missing a spot would be awesome.

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