July 24, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Yesterday we went out to my grandfather's. When my dad had originally asked us to come down he stated that it was so we could sort through things to get them ready for the estate sale. He asked us to be there between noon and one. No problem. We got there just a few minutes after noon. My uncle had been pulling things out of the basement for a couple of hours before we got there. But there was a lot more to bring up. I helped where I could but a lot of it was either too heavy or too awkward for me to carry. I felt bad about it but there wasn't really anything I could do and both Master and my uncle are obviously used to my limitations when it comes to things like that, so there weren't any hard feelings. However, my father didn't show up until almost 2pm, which was annoying. He didn't really help all that much because by that point Master and my uncle and had pretty much gotten it all. So my dad and I stayed upstairs and I thought we were actually going to start sorting but instead my dad just went through a couple of boxes and found a couple more small things he wanted to take. He did however find a watch of my grandmother's that he thought I would like.

I wasn't sure which one he was talking about but as soon as I saw it I knew... It was a watch that my grandmother wore and it was my favorite. She had quite a few watches, but this one was my favorite. It's a watch with a mother of pearl face. It has four rings that you can switch out that screws onto the face. It has a regular gold one, an onyx one, one is tiger eye and the last one is abalone. It was my favorite when I was a kid simply because you could switch them out. It had been sitting in a dresser drawer in it's box for at least 20 years so it obviously needed a new watch battery but other than that it is in beautiful condition. I took it.

In fact today I took it down to a local jewelry store. I got the battery replaced and I had as many links taken off of it that I could so it would fit me. My grandmother's wrists were quite a bit bigger than mine. It fits now, but it fits more like a bracelet than it does a watch. That's fine. They couldn't make it a tight fit because of how large it was to begin with and how large the links themselves are. My wrists are tiny. I typically don't like gold (it's gold plated) but in this very rare instance I think it looks really nice. I plan on wearing it when I'm not at home. I don't see the point in wearing it around the apartment when we are surrounded by clocks.

Anyway.. back to yesterday... 

Shortly after my uncle and Master were done bringing stuff out of the basement and putting them where they could we all sat down outside and talked. By the way, I don't think my grandfather ever threw out a Christmas tree before buying a new one. Holy shit...

After a couple of hours of sitting and talking Master and I looked at one another and He said, "If there isn't anything else to move we should probably get going..." Apparently that's all they wanted to do that day so Master and I headed home. Then my dad calls me today. He caught me between our running errands. I had just returned from getting the watch done. I told him that I had gotten it resized and that it works now. He was very happy to hear that. He called to ask if we would be able to come down again next week to help sort. I said yes, as long as I don't have a job interview. He told me that it would actually be sorting rather than just bringing stuff up out of the basement. He told me that he wants to get it to the point where after that day all they have to do is set stuff up on tables for the estate sale and that's that. Whether that's what actually happens I don't know. I asked him if he knew what day and he said he had to wait until either this upcoming Sunday or Monday because that is when they know my uncle's work schedule. I said that was fine.

After I got off the phone with him Master and I went grocery shopping, took the dog for a walk, and then did the dishes. I also had to pick up our dog's heart work for the month. It's been a busy day.

After I did my last post Master commented on it. He was basically glad I had come to that conclusion. I have tried to keep the leash in mind and I think I'm doing okay. Master hasn't said otherwise. And honestly I do feel better now that I am doing so. Master appears to be a bit more relaxed since then too. Granted it's only been two days, but still. I can already feel the change in my own stress levels.

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