December 3, 2013

Good Girl

There is nothing wrong with praise and/or receiving "rewards" from your Master. I have read things along those lines. Blogs that state that if you are a slave you shouldn't expect to receive such things. And some go so far as to say you shouldn't get them at all because you are a slave and there for are too low to even be acknowledged let alone praised. Fuck that noise by the way.

I don't expect anything. If He wants to praise me He will. If He wants to reward my good behavior, that's His idea not mine.  Do I hope sometimes? Well, yeah. Not really on the whole reward thing but with the praise. Sometimes when I do something I really hope I'll get a "good girl" and a nuzzle or maybe He'll pet my hair for a little while. But that's a hope. That's not an expectation. That would mean I got pissed off if it didn't happen. And I don't. I don't even really feel disappointed. It's all up to Him and, after all, I'm only doing things I'm supposed to be doing.

I'm not really doing anything special. I'm supposed to do what I'm told and to follow rules that He has set up. I do my best to adhere to those and not forget them. I honestly think that minus that one hiccup a little while ago when I forgot to ask if I could stay dressed, I've been doing pretty damn well.

I haven't been punished in a long time. I've gotten a very stern reprimand here and there and sometimes a look that cuts right through me. But no punishment.

As far as my rewards go they range. Here is a small list of things that I am rewarded with. I'm leaving the praise out just because that's a completely different thing to me. I know I'm going to forget somethings but here are the ones I can name off of the top of my head.
  • An extra long back massage.
  • A full body massage front and back, from my neck to my feet.
  • Extra long cuddle time.
  • Being allowed to cum more frequently while He is fucking me. 
  • Brushing my hair. (I can't be the only one that loves having their hair brushed.
  • Being able to kneel at His feet with my head in His lap while He pets my hair.
  • Him jumping in the shower with me to wash me down and wash my hair.
Those are my favorites. Like I said, I know I'm missing some. So please don't think that's all. Because I know it isn't, I just can't think of any other ones right now. Then again I'm half brain dead at the moment. So I'm just really hoping this post makes sense. 

In regards to praise sometimes it's simply verbal and sometimes it's something extra affectionate that He does. Sometimes He'll call me a good girl. (Gotta love the "good girl" praise. It never gets old.) Sometimes He'll just give me a smile and kiss my forehead and then petting my head a little bit before sending me off to go relax or do something else for Him.

There is nothing wrong with such things, in my opinion. Just because I'm a slave doesn't mean I can't be rewarded and praised by my Master.

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