January 24, 2014

Quality Time

Since I've been doing so much overtime I feel like I'm not getting much time with Master. Never mind the fact that I see Him every day. That's not the point. When I'm finally home for the night we eat dinner and I'm maybe awake until 10:30pm. Last night after I got off of work we went down to visit with my dad. We were supposed to do that tonight but it got moved to yesterday.

So I pulled into our parking lot, called Him on my cell phone, He came out to the car, and off we went. We had a good time. Surprisingly my uncle and my brother were there too. My uncle wasn't overly surprising since he and my father do spend a good amount of time together, but my brother? That honestly did surprise me. He doesn't spend a lot of time with our dad. And we're very rarely at Dad's house at the same time. The only problem with every one being that is that both my uncle and my brother have inner ear problems so they don't realize how loud they get. So you're trying to talk over all of them but it gets old fast. Also? My uncle loves interrupting people. I don't think he actually means to. I think he just has a thought pop into his head and just has to spit it out immediately.

But we still had a good time. We left there a little after 8pm. So we got home about 9pm. I dropped Master off at home so He could take the dog out while I ran to get some fast food. It was already late enough and we hadn't had dinner yet. Neither of us wanted to wait for food to cook so that was the easiest thing to do.

We ate dinner and started watching some thing on Netflix and I was resting my head on the palm of my hand and I would literally feel myself nodding off and startling myself back awake. So I decided to get comfortable and laid down. I was passed out within probably 10 minutes. The shitty thing is that I had asked Master if I could stay up late and I couldn't even make it to my normal bed time.

It's been that way for a few weeks now. In fact this is the third week in a row. Some nights I'll be fine and other nights I'll be passed out on the couch before 11pm. It sucks. Most of it is due to the overtime. Part of it is because it's been so fucking cold out and I've been in and out of it so much through out the day. It drains my batteries. Not to mention how much pain my shoulders and back are in as a result.

So I feel like the only time I actually get with Him is Saturday and Sunday. Tomorrow we have a bunch of family stuff going on, which will be nice. I'm not complaining about it at all. Plus we'll be home at the latest by 7pm. I'm pretty sure we'll be home earlier than that. We're going to see my mom for a while and then on the way home we are swinging by His niece's 5th birthday party. The birthday party ends at 6pm, but normally we leave such things sooner than that. Not by much, but still.

Sunday I know we have to make a quick stop at the grocery store but other than that we'll be in our apartment relaxing and have just one on one quality time together that doesn't end with me falling asleep on the couch.

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