February 16, 2015

Too Long

Last night Master and I were trying to think of something to do. While doing so I asked if He wanted to watch a porno. He shrugged and said sure why not. I pulled out all of the dvds we have, which honestly aren't all that many, and asked Him to pick one out. I normally choose but He doesn't really care but I had already asked if I could go use the bathroom so I figured that maybe He would pick one out. He did. But not the way I thought. He simply stacked them all in a pile and picked the one on top. *laughs* It ended up being one where it is predominately anal sex. In fact one of the first scenes in it is a chick taking a baseball bat sized dildo up her ass after basically being fisted in the ass. That scene always makes me cringe. Master said that she must be made out of elastic. He's probably right.

Anyway, we both got undressed and curled up under the covers while we watched it. The next scene wasn't quite as horrifying and Master was kind enough to fast forward through most of the first scene anyway. Like I said, the entire dvd is mainly anal sex. We haven't done that in a long time. Longer than it should be. So I turned my head a bit and asked Him if He would like to try anal. He said, "You don't have to ask me twice."

And that started it off. He almost immediately moved my hair off to the side and just started chewing on my neck and shoulder. Sometimes He would dig His teeth in and actually pull backwards so that my entire shoulder moved back with Him. I do have to say I have very pretty bruises from it today.

Once He was done biting me He gently turned me over onto my stomach. After He entered me He asked me if I wanted the dvd to keep playing. I told Him that I didn't care so He reached over my head where the remote was and turned it off.

He commented on how dripping wet I already was. Biting like that will do that to me. He fucked me deep and slow, allowing me to cum several times. After I was nice and deep into my sub space He pulled out and told me to get the lube.

Well, the lube we normally use was still packed away. (Like I said, it has been too long.) But I had another one accessible. We had never tried it before but I opened it up and handed it to Him. I also grabbed my vibrator to use on my clit since that seems to help a lot when He is first sliding His cock into my ass.

He lubed both of us up and I put the vibrator to my clit. He tried to start slow but all of a sudden the head of His dick slid in and it hurt like hell. It felt like there was no lube there what so ever. I dropped the vibrator and Master immediately pulled out. I knew that He had lubed both of us up really well because He always does. The problem was that the lube dried out almost as soon as He was done putting it on. As soon as the pain stopped, which thankfully didn't take that long I hopped off the bed and went digging through my suitcase. Master was kneeling there wondering what the hell I was doing but finally I found it! I know how not sexy it was to just watch me digging around looking for something especially when it took as long as it did but damn it I was on a mission! As soon as I found it I handed it to Him and He lubed both of us back up again.

Round two!

And thankfully His cock slide in without much more than a small wince from me. I literally got off as soon as He slid halfway into my ass. He went very slowly at first. Very gentle. But from past experiences I knew that since it had been such a long time that I wouldn't be able to stay relaxed for very long. I told Him this and He said, "So what I am hearing is to fuck your ass hard." I nodded my head and He had absolutely no problem doing so. It felt amazing but it hurt a bit at the same time. I got off again and I didn't even need the vibrator against my clit that time.

He asked me, "Do you want cum up your ass slut?"

My response sounded desperate, at least to me, "Yes Master please cum in my ass. It's been too long."

As soon as those words were out of my mouth I felt His cock throbbing and I heard that familiar and wonderful growl coming from deep in His throat. It was intense in a very good way.

Today I told Master that I would like to try anal again soon. I know that my body has to get used to it. It really does. And it can't if it only happens once every six months. Master wants to push my body enough so that I can "handle it" for a longer period of time but He doesn't want me lying to Him and possibly hurting myself by not letting Him know when it really hurts.

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