February 26, 2015

Blog Move!!!!!

Okay... what the hell?! Blogger is changing their rules... again. Now, they will no longer allow adult pictures and they are looking into not allowing adult content either. Rather than waiting for that bullshit to happen I am moving my blog. It will be at Wordpress. I had originally started there but moved it here because I was doing reviews for free sex toys and they made it so you can't do that. Well, since I don't do that anymore and they DO and have ALWAYS allowed adult content I am moving over there.


I will no longer be updating this blog. I will leave it open until Blogger decides to delete it due to it's content. Everything here will be available at the new blow. If you would rather not click on the link here is the actual link for the blog: https://coyoteskitten4.wordpress.com/

I am re-learning how to do things over there so I will be playing with a few things but I will making new posts as usual. I hope you all follow me over there! The comments were imported as well.

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