February 12, 2015

50 Shades of Boredom

A while ago I had dyed the ends of my hair a bright neon red. I did it because I have always wanted to and since I have been unemployed for so long I thought I might as well get it out of my system. I really liked it. But today I received a phone call in regards to a government job I had applied to at least four or five months ago, if not six months. But you know how it is with government shit. It takes forever.

They wanted to schedule me for a typing and transcribing test. The minimum wpm they want is 60 and they want a 70% accuracy on the transcribing. I honestly think I should knock this out of the park. I had a typing test last year for a different job that I ended up not getting. My kph were 10,680 and my accuracy was 99.7%. So I don't see why it would be under the minimum score requirements now. But I'm not getting cocky about it. That's when you start fucking up. Not to mention the fact that it is only step one in this possible hiring process. The test is scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday.

However, even though this isn't a full on interview I didn't feel comfortable going in for testing with my red dyed hair tips. Things like that stick in people's minds. They remember that kind of thing. "Well her test scores were wonderful but she had oddly colored hair... It just didn't look professional." And yes, I am paranoid about that kind of thing.

I had some suggestions to just dye over it. But professionally dying hair is fucking expensive and if I did it by myself it wouldn't turn out right since it would be not only be over my natural hair color but neon red as well.

So off to the salon I went to get a hair cut. I was honestly scared of it ending up way too short. When I got there and I sat down in the chair I told the lady that I wanted all of the red cut off, but that I didn't want it to be a simple cut off in a straight line and done. She showed me some pictures and we ended up going with a layered look. Now, while yes my hair is still shorter, it isn't crazy short. It's about shoulder length. In total she had to take about 7 inches off of my hair. That is a lot but I actually like how it turned out. I think the fact that she layered it helps. And honestly my hair looks a lot healthier now. Probably because not only did all of the red hair dye get cut off but all the dead ends came off as well. Sometimes you just have to cut it. I prefer having long hair but I have to admit it looks nice the way it is. The only thing that sucked is the woman put curl enhancer in my hair to show me how it would look with my natural curly hair. I didn't really mind at the time.

While yes, I do have naturally curly hair I never allow it to be fully curly. I always brush it out so that it just ends up looking wavy instead. As a result I ended up taking an earlier than normal shower to get that stuff out of my hair and get any tiny hairs off me. Master likes the look. It's something different. It is a lot easier to wash that's for sure.

On a totally unrelated topic Master was kind of poking fun at His sister-in-law. She posted on a social network site that she really wished it was the weekend because she needed to go out and basically get away from her husband (Master's brother), her three kids, and her job. She basically said something along the lines of her not being able to wait to go see 50 Shades of Grey and go out for drinks.

Master found the following image:

He then proceeded to post it and tagged her in it. Afterwards He told me that this is the kind of thing that just makes you want to "come out". Basically coming out from behind the red curtain that hides your kinky self and yell, "That is bullshit! This is what it's really all about! That is just bargain basement spoiled housewife porn!"

And He has a valid point. Neither of us have read the books but we have both heard enough about them and read enough reviews about them to know that it isn't as exciting as people make it out to be. At least not to people who truly live it. It's nothing like how the lifestyle can actually be like. Especially when you take it to the depths that we have. This isn't just kinky sex. It's not just about that. It's about everything. It weaves it's way into everything.

When Master said that I giggled and told Him that He should write a book about our lifestyle and dynamic. While He was in the shower I actually thought of a title. I find it amusing. "50 Shades of Black & Blue".

If Master wrote such a book or book series I'm sure some of the people who are obsessed with the 50 Shades of Grey books would read them and feel utterly horrified. And it would be amazing, amusing, and satisfying all at the same time.

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