February 14, 2015

Fun Fact

Master and I learned an interesting lesson yesterday. Master had taken four tramadol yesterday. It is a pain reliever. His back has been really, really fucking with Him lately. He in no way exceeded the dosage or took more than He should have in a 24 hour time frame. He has obviously taken this medication before. It works. His back feels a lot better after He takes them. But we have never had sex the same day He has taken the pills. Here comes the interesting lesson. A fun fact if you will.

I had put on lingerie so that I would look nice for Him. It was a body stocking that has small holes all over it. It looks great on me. The only issue with it is that sometimes my nipple piercing jewelry gets caught in it. Normally it's not that big of a deal but for some reason last night it was continuously getting caught to the point where it was actually hurting. I have horseshoe shaped body jewelry in my nipples. They are Master's favorite. I originally had just a simple barbell in each but He didn't find them as exciting so as soon as I was healed enough to put in new jewelry I went out about bought the horseshoe style.

Anyway, I didn't want to take the lingerie off. He loves it on me and I felt sexy in it. So the solution I came to is that I would pull the top part of it down enough so that it would rest under my tits rather than on them. It still looked good so at least that much.

Eventually we started to call it a night so we got down to business. *winks* He started by molesting my tits and fingering me before laying on His side and telling me to suck His dick. I slid down and I more worshiped His cock than I did suck it. Not that it was a bad thing. It was just what struck me at the time. I sure in the hell didn't hear any complaints from Him. *laughs*

After that He slowly pulled me off of Him and put me on all fours. He gripped me in all the right places while He was fucking me. My hips, my shoulders, the side of my neck, and every variation in between. He ordered me to cum over and over again and my body was more than willing to obey.

It felt like He had gotten close to getting off a few times but He didn't. I figured that it was just Him holding it off. (He's good at that. That man has some crazy self control.) He put me on my stomach and kicked one of my legs out so that it was bent at the knee. He placed one leg in between mine and the other one was keeping that one leg out. He pinned me to the bed and told me how ever after 12 years (it'll be 12 years in March) He is never tired of fucking me. I swooned at that and I have to say that I feel the exact same way. Our sex life is still amazing and I don't think that will ever change honestly.

While we were in this position it felt like He had gotten close to cumming again but He didn't. It's interesting how after fucking someone for so long you can tell, ya know?

He then had me bring that one leg back under Him and He put me in what we call the "rape" position. It is where He pins down my wrists and hooks His legs under mine. I am no longer allowed to cum once I am in that position. I think that is part of the reason why we call it that. Well, that and I literally cannot move even if I wanted to.

I told Him how I love how thick His cock is. How I love that it stretches my tight pussy the way that it does. He growled a little bit and told me that my pussy is as tight today as it was the first time He slid inside me. We were both hot. Not only do I mean revved up but I also mean as in we were sweating. His sweat was dripping down onto me. I find that incredibly sexy. I'm not sure why, but I do.

Suddenly He stopped and pulled out. I asked Him what was wrong and apparently His hip was starting to bother Him. I can understand why. He had been fucking me hard for a very long time. He didn't slow down once in that entire time. I asked if there was anything I could do. He told me to just give Him a minute. So I knelt up beside Him and just slowly stroked His dick. After a while He sat down and got comfortable so that I could blow Him. He chuckled when He went to gather up my hair. He said, "There isn't as much to hold anymore." After all, I just had 7 inches of hair cut off. But because of that His grip was tighter and closer to my scalp. I enjoyed the sensation. It sent waves of electricity down my spine.

He allowed me to set my own pace at first but then He became more aggressive about it. I just had to loosen my jaw a tiny bit and He moved my head the way He wanted to move it. I simply went by His lead and flicked and rolled my tongue when I could. Once more it felt like He got really, really close to shooting a load into my mouth but again He didn't quite peak. After that point He just held my head down and fucked my face. He didn't get soft at any period of time. He was just rock hard but not getting off.

He pulled my mouth off His dick and fucked me again. About another 20 minutes later His hip was bothering me again. Like I said I can completely understand that. I asked if He wanted me to be on top and He said no.

It was about then that we both acknowledged the fact that while He was having absolutely no problem staying rock hard and feeling everything like normal every time He came close to getting off He wouldn't. We knew it was due to the medications. It doesn't take a genius to put two and two together. I know we were both thinking it before that point but after that point we acknowledged it.

But there was no way either of us wanted Him to get blue balls. He had me lay on my back sideways along the bed. He just wanted to look at me while He stroked His cock. I played with my tits and fingered myself. I wanted to give Him a bit of a show. Hell, I thought that may even help. He really enjoyed it but nothing. So He pulled me to the edge of the bed and put me on all fours again. He allowed me to get off once more.

But in all honesty His hip was getting to Him again and I was honestly starting to dry up a little bit. I'm not sure why. I do have to say I was feeling a bit bad because I couldn't get Him off. I know it wasn't/isn't my fault but I couldn't help but to feel that way at the time. At least a little bit.

But finally I was able to watch Him jerk off. I would watch and then I would nuzzle Him and kiss His face.

We still had amazing sex. Now we know that when He takes that many tramadol that we shouldn't fuck.

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