February 4, 2015

Scattered Thoughts

My head is all over the place. Sometimes I'm fine and I'm smiling and laughing. Then I just kind of stare off and zone the hell out. Other times I'm just tired and down. I know that part of my being tired isn't because I'm sleeping like shit, waking up at least three hours sooner than I normally do and shoveling a metric fuck ton of snow. Then of course another thing that has been known to make me tired is stress. Not that stress is anything new in my life, because it's not. But I do know that some bad shit in my family may go down if certain things don't go certain ways after the wake. I am in no way looking forward to it. If it goes smoothly I'll honestly be shocked.

The wake is this Friday, which is only two days away. Today I got together the clothes that Master and I will be wearing to it and washed them. The had the obituary in the newspaper today. Something that was written in it rubbed me the wrong way. It goes something along the lines of, "he passed away with his sons at his bedside." This would imply that both of his sons were there. And they weren't. My father stayed home. It rubs me the wrong way because I was there and I know for a fact what happened every minute of that day.

The weather was bad yes it was hard as hell to get there because of our having to dig out the driveway in record time and then drive on streets that were plowed all that well without rushing even though we wanted to get there asap. However, that was part of the excuse my father gave. He couldn't get out. The nurse at the hospital said that they could send a care van to go pick him up. But when my uncle attempted to offer that he didn't answer the phone.

A long while ago my father told me that the next time he would see his father would be in a casket. So while it doesn't surprise me he wasn't there it... upsets me anyway. He allowed his younger brother and two children to endure it but couldn't bring himself to.

But I'm going to let that go for right now. I may throw that at him at a later time depending on things happen and how smoothly they occur. All I know is that I am hoping that everyone behaves themselves at the wake. It would be utterly disrespectful if someone were to start shit. I already promised myself that I will behave regardless and I will either walk away from a situation or say, "Not here. Not now."

They are also having a dinner afterward. I have decided that I am not going. Aside from my immediate family everyone else there will be people who I have not seen since I was a young to mid teenager and are only coming out of a sense of duty. There are really only two people who are coming to town that I want to see. They are my aunt and uncle on my mother's side. They live six hours north of here and they were close to my grandfather because of my father's friendship with my uncle as well as my mother's marriage to my father for so long. I just don't want to deal with a bunch of people going on and on about my grandfather who didn't give a good god damn while he has been ill all of this time. At least not enough to contact anyone and see how he is doing. I'll endure that at the wake for my grandfather's sake. The dinner is not for my grandfather. The dinner is for everyone else. I owe them nothing and I do not wish to be present.

I feel bad for my brother. He couldn't sleep the night it happened. He told me that he couldn't get past the sight of Grandpa passing away in front of his eyes or the sounds he made right before he did. I understand that. He seems okay now but I also haven't really had time to talk to him much since then. He has separated himself a bit and he has been working. I've also been doing as much as possible to stay active which gives my brain less time to focus on what my brother was describing. It honestly doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. Believe me it's all burned into my gray matter. But I see it more as my witnessing him passing over and not being in pain or suffering anymore. I don't think that's how my brother looks at it.

For some reason the idea of getting a tattoo went through my head today. It's not really odd for me. When something major happens that is usually a thought that crosses my mind although I don't normally immediately start off with a thought as to what I want.

However this time I had the idea of a tree. Originally I thought of the tree of life and death but I do not like any of the actual images that popped up. It wasn't what I had in mind. However, I did come across two other images of tree tattoo flash that I liked.

I really like the one above but the only thing is that it is honestly also an image on one of my favorite TV shows in one particular episode. As a result, to me it would come off more as a fan girl tattoo.

Then there is this one:

I really like this one. It is simple and it has a heart in the middle. I showed this one to Master on my computer and it was a piece of flash that had four images on it. He liked this one but he liked the one next to it more. While it was interesting I thought it was more masculine than I was looking for. There is something about this one. I look at it and for some reason it feels right. As a result, I have a feeling I'll be going with this one. Not that I have the money or will any time soon. Nor am I entirely sure where I want to put it. I am thinking either on my ribs or on my left forearm. All of my tattoos are in places where I can hide them really easily. My forearm would mean that I would have to wear long sleeve shirts regardless of the season should I get a job that doesn't allowed tattoos to be visible. It's doable. I've always wanted a rib tattoo but this seems too small for one. When I've pictured myself getting a rib tattoo it was bigger. I want that particular tattoo flash the size that it is. As I continue to look at it I am falling in love with the design.

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