February 8, 2015

Best Sleep In Over A Month

Master and I had amazing sex the other night. To be perfectly honest our sex life has been down to almost nothing for a while now. Mainly stress related. But we went back into full swing. I think my being on my period helped, as odd as that may sound. Usually when I'm on my period my sex drive goes through the roof for at least a day or two if not the entire time I'm bleeding.

It started with my putting on a thong. That's it. I don't usually wear underwear. But I decided to put on a thong. Master loves it when I wear them. That's all it took. When I started to get undressed so we could fool around I stripped down to the thong and asked Master if He wanted me to keep them on or take them off. Now granted, they aren't the kind that you can just move to the side. They would have to be taken off eventually in order for us to fuck. But for the time being Master wanted me to wear them.

I got comfortable on the bed and Master hovered over me smirking until suddenly He grabbed both of my wrists and pinned them above my head to the mattress. He immediately started sucking on and biting my tits, driving me crazy. He switched from one to the other and back again. Eventually He knelt up and started slowly pulling my thong off. I lifted my hips up off the bed so He could take them all the way off. He told me to slide up the bed. As soon as I did He was in between my legs running His tongue along my slit and flicking it over my clit. Once He slowly slide His fingers inside me I could feel my orgasm rising. It didn't take long until it peaked.

Afterward I knelt up and He had me stay knelt up in front of Him so He could run His hands across my neck. While He did that I reached down and stated stroking His cock. He gathered up my hair in His hands and once that was done I slid down so that I was laying in front of Him so that I could suck His dick.

I love the sensation of His cock throbbing against my tongue. It is a unique and delicious sensation. I wish my jaw would allow it more frequently.

After a while He pulled me up so that I was on my knees again before using my hair as a handle in order to turn me around so that I was on all fours with my upper body held high given the grip He still had on my hair. He entered me and it was as if we were both immediately on fire. It wasn't slow and it wasn't gentle and we were both loving the hell out of it.

He allowed me several orgasms before He had me kneel up so that He could bunch up a pillow underneath me. He had me lay down on my stomach so that the pillow kept my hips up off of the bed. He pinned me to the bed by keeping one hand on my shoulder and one hand on my lower back. I can not tell you enough how much I love it when He does that. I'm actually slightly disappointed when He decides to just prop Himself up off the bed rather than off of me. As soon as He had me on my stomach with my hips propped up and His legs hooked under mine to keep them apart I knew that I wasn't going to be allowed to get off anymore.

He told me that He was only using me to jerk Himself off and that I was His fuck toy. *purrs*

After He filled me He rolled off of me, I cleaned Him off, and then cleaned myself off. I took my pills and then we curled up so that we could drift off to sleep.

It was the best I have slept in over a month.

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