August 23, 2014

Very Docile

Yesterday afternoon Master and I went into the bedroom to fool around. Before we got undressed and got into bed I went into the bedroom, grabbed my favorite vibrator, and put batteries in it. I then turned off the main bedroom light and turned on the lamp on the dresser instead.

When Master got into the bedroom I got undressed and slid into bed. Master pulled me to Him and chewed on my neck for a little while before molesting my tits and eating me out. After I got off I thought He was going to maneuver me so that I could suck His dick and was honestly surprised when He didn't. Instead He had me stay on my back and entered me. He allowed me to cum twice before putting me onto all fours.

I had put the vibrator on the headboard and made sure that the lube was handy. I handed the lube to Him and grabbed the vibrator. He pumped some lube onto His hand and slicked Himself up and then put some on me as well.

He slowly and gently pushed the head of His cock into my ass. He then paused as I had asked Him to put more lube on the top of His shaft.

Each time He enters my ass I realize exactly how thick His cock is. Don't get me wrong, I know He has a very thick cock. And it's not like my pussy isn't tight. It is. Master comments on that constantly. But it's a completely different sensation. And since my ass is obviously tighter than my pussy it is even more noticeable than usual.

It wasn't easy for me to relax at first. I put the vibrator to my clit and got off from that. After that it was easier for me to relax although the sensations were rather extreme. It was a bit painful at first but incredibly overwhelming the entire time. I ended up lowering my upper body to the mattress while keeping my ass in the air. It didn't matter how much measured breathing I did I couldn't get over the overwhelming sensation. I got off again but that only added to the stimulation. It wasn't really a bad thing. It was just... intense.

Master commented on how much He had missed this. He had missed fucking my ass.

I am slightly ashamed to admit that I couldn't handle it for very long. Soon the overwhelming sensation turned into over stimulation and it started to hurt again. Not in a holy hell I'm going to start screaming type way, but I was starting to shake because every nerve in my body seemed to be over stimulated

I was honest with Master immediately though. I said, "Master I'm not sure how long I can handle this."

He gently pushed down on my hips so they were a little closer to the mattress and He knelt down more. He told me that I was a good girl and that all I had to do was lay still while He plowed my ass. And that is exactly what He did. He fucked my ass hard and filled my ass with His cum. The sensation of Him cumming tipped me over the edge and even though my body was already over stimulated I got off again.

He stayed still for a little while as His after shocks twitched inside of me causing me to gasp deeply each time. He told me that I would have to be the one who moved. I knelt up slightly causing His cock to go in a little deeper before slowly moving forward, allowing His dick to slip out of my ass.

Almost immediately He got up and hopped into the shower. I followed Him into the bathroom, still shaking, so that I could clean myself off as well.

Normally when I'm shaking like that Master gives me aftercare. By aftercare I mean Him holding me until I stop. I only shake like that when my entire body is overwhelmed. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just a fact. But since it is anal sex we both clean up immediately. It's never really been messy, it's really only ever been lube and a little bit of blood from time to time, but we want to be careful about it and clean up immediately. So there really isn't any time for aftercare.

After we were both cleaned up we went into the living room. A short time later I felt like I was going to cry. It wasn't pain. It was just sub drop. I didn't say anything. I probably should have. But I did end up going into the bedroom and cleaned up the lube that was still on the bed. This gave me a chance to calm myself down and gather myself. When I got back into the living room Master was just getting off the computer and sitting down in His recliner. When He did He grinned at me and said, "I love that empty balls feeling." *smiles*

Later on that night before we went to bed Master used my pussy to get Himself off and to keep me docile. Well, I can't really say to keep me docile because after anal sex I am very docile for an extended period of time.

The reason why I had said I was slightly ashamed of having to admit that I couldn't handle it for long is because I want my body to accept it for a longer period of time. I even asked Master to please not be mad at me. He wasn't mad at all. He was actually pleased. I didn't give up at the first shock of minor pain in the beginning. I did my best to relax. I know that the only way to get my body to accept it for longer is to do it more frequently.

We had been working towards that before and it was getting better but then all of that stress came up and for a while our sex drives dipped. And once it started to kick back in the anal part of our sex life didn't really cross my mind. That is bad of me. Master absolutely loves fucking me in the ass. He has never been pushy about it but that doesn't mean I don't need to work at doing it more frequently and for longer.

I want to be as pleasing as I possibly can be. He has never chided me for anything in regards to anal sex. I am extremely grateful that He is so understanding and wants me to enjoy it as much as He does. But I can't exactly get to that point if I don't try to do it more frequently.

I still feel docile today. I was very tired earlier as it had been a long day and ended up taking a nap, but still very docile.

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