August 19, 2014

My Favorite Sound

Last night after my blog post I took my shower and I asked Master if He wanted me to dress up. He told me that it was up to me. I said some smart ass answer along the lines of my wanted cock one way or another so I might as well dress up. *laughs* He chuckled at that. He told me to wait on getting dressed up until after we had done back rubs as we hadn't slept well the night before and were both sore.

Once the back rubs were done I went into the bedroom and picked out my school girl outfit. He grinned when He saw me. I hadn't worn that outfit in quite some time, which is exactly why I picked it out. Some people may find this funny but once I was dressed up we relaxed in the living room and played video games. Part of the reason was so we could just chill for a little while. The other reason was so Master was sure His back relaxed enough so that He wouldn't have to worry about it during sex.

It was about a hour later that Master turned off the game console and told me to get my ass into the bedroom. He was already laying down once I got there because I needed to take my tampon out.

I cuddled up next to Him so that we were both on our sides facing one another. He almost immediately bit into my neck. I couldn't help my moaning and sudden hard breaths. He ran His hands along my leg and ass while I reached in between us and started stroking His cock.

He gently pushed me onto my back and I whimpered when I had to let go of His shaft. He chuckled again and reached down to start undoing the top of the school girl outfit. However, the last four clasps are kind of difficult to undo so He told me that if I wanted my tits ravaged I would have to undo them myself. Trust me, I was pretty damn quick in doing so. As soon as the last one was done He pushed them aside and sucked on my tits. It instantly made me start squirming. I was able to lay still for a while but then every now and then I would rotate my hips against the bed. I was more than revved.

Once He was done He told me to slide up on the bed. I did so and He got comfortable in between my legs. He used His tongue to drive me out of my mind. It didn't take long to get me off. He didn't even have to finger me. Normally I need both His tongue and His fingers in order to get off. That's nothing Master is doing wrong obviously it's just how my body is. Nine times out of ten I need something to clench down on. But not last night. It was like my clit was on a hair trigger. As my orgasm peaked I arched my lower back and He wrapped one arm around my hips and forced me to lay still and flat against the bed. The orgasm seemed to go on forever.

Once the last shudder went through me He reached up and grabbed my neck so that I was raise up onto my knees. As soon as I was on my knees, it seemed to be in one quick and fluid movement that He had my hair wrapped in His hand. He then pushed my head down to His dick. I laid down and He placed both of His hands on the top of my head so I couldn't pull back. That was my queue to relax my throat as much as possible because I knew it wouldn't take much for Him to hit the back of my throat from that angle. He held my head still and rolled His hips so that He was fucking my mouth. I moaned and rolled my tongue as much as I could. I remember that at one point He stopped moving and I thought that maybe He did that so He couldn't cum. I may be way off on that but I do know that I moaned when He did that which made Him growl deep in His throat.

He continued to fuck my mouth for a little while longer before letting go of my head and hair. I didn't raise my head right away. Instead I kept my head perfectly still and just rolled and flicked my tongue so that His cock would twitch and throb in my mouth. I was honestly proud of myself that I had been able to keep my throat relaxed that long without even feeling like I was going to gag. That isn't always the easiest thing to do for a prolonged period of time.

Finally I let His dick slip out of my mouth and knelt up in front of Him. He was kneeling down more than I was and as a result my tits were right in His face and He took one into His mouth. I rested my hands on His shoulders, enjoying the sensation. Finally I just whispered, "Please fuck me Master."

He turned me around so that I was on all fours and slammed His cock into me. I was still on a hair trigger in regards to wanting to orgasm. He allowed it. He alternated between fucking me hard and then pulling back so that only the head of His cock was going in and out of me which felt absolutely delicious.

I lost count of how many times He allowed me to get off. I was much more talkative than I normally am during sex. He loves dirty talk but I don't do it as often as I probably should. I said that I loved how His thick cock stretches my tight pussy. He responded by saying that it was because I was a good slut.

Eventually He told me that I was no longer allowed to cum and pushed me down so that I was laying on my stomach. One of my legs went straight back, underneath Him and my other leg He pushed out and up so that it was above His knee. He rotated His hips, grinding His cock inside me.

I talked dirty a little bit more and it seemed to trigger His orgasm. He got off very, very hard and growled very loudly. I focused completely on the sensation of His cock pulsing inside of me and the sound of His growling. I also was grinding my hips against Him as His orgasm peaked.

Once He was done I smiled to myself and told Him that His growl when He cums is my favorite sound in the world. He chucked and said that it's because I'm a sick bitch. I told Him that He loved it.

He rolled off of me and had me clean off His cock. We rested next to one another for a little while longer and then He allowed me to take the outfit off and go put "plug it up" as He puts it. When we both went to bed to sleep we crashed rather quickly.

Then this morning when I woke up He was already out in the living room. I have no idea how long He had been awake. I knew He had the blinds in the living room open so I tossed on a longer t-shirt and went into the bathroom to change out my tampon. The next thing I know Master is behind me and is raising my t-shirt. I raised my arms up over my head and He lifts it off of me. He took the fresh tampon which was still in the wrapped out of my hand and tossed it on the bathroom counter.

He told me to get into the bedroom, which I obediently did. I slid into bed next to Him and was on my stomach as I rubbed the side of my face against His chest. I wasn't fully awake yet but since when does that matter when my Master wants to fuck? Never.

He made me stay on my stomach and quickly knelt up behind me. I was a little wet so it didn't take much for Him to force His cock inside of me. I already knew that He was using me and that I wouldn't be allowed to cum. It wasn't because of the position He had me in, it was just something I knew. I can't really explain it but after this long together I'm usually pretty accurate when I read His mood like that. While He was fucking me He told me that He had been watching the videos I sent Him two nights ago and He just wanted a tight hole to fuck. That turned me on a lot and make me softly smile as He continued to slam into me. I raised my hips up so that He could get deeper inside of me.

After He was done He told me to clean Him off and then allowed me to go finish doing what I had to do in the bathroom.

Let me tell you, I am one very happy and satisfied slave. 

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