August 18, 2014

Exchanging Videos

I hadn't seen Master for three days. Honestly, our sex life hasn't been as active as usual because of stress.

But two nights ago I was very, very horny. It was like it hit me out of nowhere. It may have something to do with the fact that I'm on the rag. Normally it hits very high levels when that happens. Master and I were chatting online and He had mentioned my sending Him some "thinking of You" nude pictures. It came across via text as half joking and half serious. But I took some and sent them to Him. It was a couple of pics of my tits and a couple of my pussy. 

However after I took the pictures I remembered that my phone has a camcorder function! Well hell, a video would be better than pictures After all I thought it would please Him. Since we were messaging back and forth I asked Him to wait a moment. I wanted the video to be a surprise for Him.

After that I turned on the camcorder function on my phone and positioned myself the best I could. It was a bit difficult but I managed it. I basically teased myself with my hand. I gently rubbed my clit and rubbed my outer pussy lips. I started off slowly but then I started rubbing my clit a bit more and then fingering myself. I tried to put on a good show for Him, but I knew that I couldn't cum because I didn't have His permission. After all, this was going to be a surprise. The video ended up being a little over three minutes long.

I then tried to send the video to Him via messenger but it said that the video was too long. So I attempted to send it via e-mail and it said that the file was too large. I was honestly getting frustrated about it so I finally just edited the video down to two separate videos of it and sent it to Master, promising to save the full video on my phone to upload it to our computer later. I was finally able to send them after they were edited. Once Master was done watching both of Him the very next message I received from Him was "How do I save these?!" *giggles*

He was extremely pleased as well as surprised. I then begged Him for a video of Him stroking His cock. In the eleven years we have been together I have asked for a video of that. He has masturbated in front of me and it's one of the hottest things I've ever watched. He has never actually done it for me. Why I'm not sure. He just hasn't. Then again He had never masturbated in front of me until after we started living together. I guess He didn't realize how much it turned me on. He said that not a lot of women get turned on by that. Whether that is true or not I don't know. Maybe that's just His experience from His past relationships. 

Anyway, I begged and begged. He told me maybe and that even if He did He would need to charge the batteries for the camera. I was basically sitting in suspense. Just thinking about the possibility of receiving said video had me dripping wet so I asked Him if He would like another video from me. Well, obviously He isn't going to turn that down. His only restriction was that I wasn't allowed to cum. 

I had learned my lesson about making the videos so long so I did one short one where I was again playing with my pussy only this time I was laying down. (I had been sitting up in the last one.) I tried to put on even more of a show for Him since I was now able to lay down. Once I stopped that video I made another one with my playing with my clit just before reaching down and fingering my ass. After both videos were made I sent them to Him. 

He told me that of course while we weren't together physically I would tease Him about my ass. We haven't done anal in a long time. For a while we were working on making it more frequent but then a lot of things went a bad direction and it just didn't seem as appealing to me anymore especially since my stress levels were also messing with my stomach from time to time. 

I sent Him the one of me fingering my ass because I do want to have anal sex again soon. I guess that was my small way of letting Him know that without actually saying it. Yes, stress is higher than ever but I'm just over that actually messing with our sex life. 

I again begged for a video of Him jerking off. He told me to wait a little bit and He would make one. I asked Him if He was going to cum in the video and He teasingly told me that He wasn't sure yet. So I waited and waited. Staring at the messaging app on my phone waiting for His response.

A little while later He messaged me saying that the video was done but it was the same problem I ran into. He couldn't send it since the file was too large. However He did not have the option of editing the video down as we don't have that software on our computer and His camera does not have that function either. What He ended up doing is sending it to me in a document website so that I could download it to my phone. Once it was done downloading I asked Him to wait a moment while I watched it. 

I fucking loved it. Oh my gods it turned me on more than I can describe. Just watching Him stroke Himself and then playing with His balls for a short period of time while stroking His cock... that has to be my favorite part of the video. But then He came and I got to watch that and I was dripping wet. 

He told me that He watched the videos I had sent Him while He was masturbating which only made it hotter to me. He's watching me play with myself while getting Himself off and I got to watch Him doing it. 

Unfortunately He had to go to bed shortly after that. I still had not received permission to cum so from that point forward I didn't touch myself at all because 1) He was going to bed and I wouldn't be able to send Him videos of it and 2) I wouldn't have been able to get off anyway. So if I can't cum and He can't watch me simply playing with myself there was really no point. I will say that I watched that video a good five or six times before I went to bed though. I also found out that I could zoom in while watching it! So of course the last two times I watched it I zoomed in even more on His cock. *purrs

Then yesterday Master drove down to where I was and spent the night there with me. Shortly after He got there and got settled in He wanted to watch the full video I had made that I had to separate into two parts. I handed Him my phone and He loved the video. However we couldn't really fool around to release any of the sexual tension because we had things that we had to do, which is why I had been staying down there and why He had drove down yesterday. 

Later on that night however Master was extremely tired but horny and I was just plain horny. I offered Him a blowjob. He wasn't about to turn that down. What I really wanted was for Him to eat me out because just thinking about the video He sent me from the night before had my pussy lips swollen and for me to then suck Him off. But I wasn't going to bring up the first part because He was very tired and I didn't want Him to think that I was trying to make a bargain. That wasn't the case at all. I wanted His cum down my throat regardless. 

So like I said I didn't bring that part up. Instead I just waited for Him to take off His boxer briefs and get comfortable. He gathered up my hair and I started sucking His cock. Because I couldn't get the part of the video out of my head where He was playing with His balls, I snaked my hair under my neck and played with them for almost the entire time I was sucking His cock. After He shot His cum down my throat I swallowed every bit of it, as always, but I didn't want to immediately let His cock slide out of my mouth so I just stayed very still and felt the last few throbs of His cock against my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I gently moaned each time. 

I moved my head back and took my mouth off of His cock only to lick and kiss the head of it a few times. Afterward He was very tired and now very satisfied so we went to sleep shortly there after. My pussy lips remained swollen and I did my best to ignore the throbbing between my legs so I could fall asleep. Eventually I was able to do so but I woke up wet as hell this morning.

We came back home today and hopefully we'll be able to have a lot of fun in bed tonight.

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