January 21, 2015


This is going to be one of those posts about family that has a good side and a bad side. First I'll post the bad side.

Fair warning: This part is going to be heavy on the medical shit. Somehow, someway my grandfather is still breathing. He has been through so much and he is going through even more now. And honestly yesterday he went through things that in my opinion were unnecessary. He is in pain constantly. He has fallen down more times than I can count because in his head he thinks he can do everything. Three of those times he has needed staples in his head. The list continues on and on and on. Since he isn't in his right mind, meaning he doesn't realize that he can't do a lot of things and tries to do them anyway and hallucinates a good amount of the time, he lies to doctors. Thankfully my uncle, Grandpa's son, goes with him to doctor appointments to correct things.

Okay.. anyway.. yesterday my grandpa was put through one hell of a procedure.

*This is where the medical jargon begins. Kinda graphic.*

My father and uncle (Grandpa's sons) decided that Grandpa needed to get another couple of tests done. Why? Because they wanted to see if he qualified for hospice. At the time I didn't understand why it mattered. He's already in a nursing home. But I thought that maybe the nursing home was requesting the tests to be done.

So, the procedure was two fold. They wanted to do a biopsy of his lung and to drain some of the fluid that are filling his lungs. They had been saying it was congestive heart failure. Because of that diagnosis it made me wonder even more why they were bothering with this.

Anyway, Grandpa was lying to the doctors about how he has been breathing and eating and what not. He was also telling them about dogs and cats that live in his room (there are no animals) and other things he hallucinates. As they did the procedure he had to be awake. He says that he felt everything and he was confused and scared. They took a needle in through his back and did the biopsy as well as draining the fluid from his lungs.

They apparently only drained one of his lungs and even then it wasn't even half way because his lung started to collapse so they had to stop. As soon as they did the fluid levels didn't take long to get back to where they were when they started the procedure. The test results should be available this Friday.

After receiving all of this info I was still sitting here wondering why the hell they made him go through all of that. He is dying. There is literally nothing they can do for him aside from give him pain killers and he's refusing those. He has a DNR. But then the truth came out. My dad and uncle decided that they wanted the tests done to prove that he qualified for hospice. Why? Because it will allow some insurance to take over and ease the "financial burden". Never mind they sold Grandpa's house and cashed in at least one of his retirement accounts to pay for all of this. They have the money to pay for it. And since my father is the financial POA I have a feeling he was the pushing for it so he didn't have to pay that high bill every month and therefore more money would be available for him.

I feel that they basically tortured the poor old man just to save some money. I am so confused by how to feel about my father lately that I don't know up from down on that particular subject.

Now on to the good!

We had lunch with Master's dad today. It was a really good time. We sat and talked for about two hours before his dad had to head home. I always look forward to seeing him. We always have fun and joke around. We also catch up on what Master's two youngest sisters are up to. They are always so busy! They are both under 18 and they have so many different things going on all year long. If it's not school it's one of the many things they do. Girl Scouts, choir, rock climbing, etc. and so on. In fact Master's second youngest sister is going to Germany this summer. Master seemed to be in a much better mood since seeing his dad. *smiles* Hopefully we'll catch up with him again soon. His schedule is also crazy because of the activities his two youngest are in. 

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