January 5, 2015


Yesterday was a lot of errands where we were stocking up on things because of the weather that was coming in. It isn't going to be a blizzard or anything but super fucking cold. There was some snow, yes, but I was more worried about the temperature. I only wanted to go to a few select stores though. Unfortunately none of the stores I went to had the kind of hair dye I wanted. I knew exactly what I was looking for and I wasn't going to budge from it. So I waited. I did make one extra stop and that was to buy Master new winter gloves. His old pair had finally started to die so I had bought Him a new pair about a month ago. It didn't take long for those to break, literally. They were leather gloves but they weren't top of the line leather and before ya know it a seam busted. *shrugs* The main reason I had bought that pair was because they were the right size, they were leather, and they were on clearance. Sometimes my being a cheapskate works against me. Oh well. So yesterday I bought Master some heavy duty Caterpillar gloves. They were more than I would normally pay for gloves, but He needed them and not a lot of places sell gloves in His size.

I also recently got a new pillow. It is super fluffy. New pillows are awesome. After a while pillows just get flat and then they just aren't as comfy. This one is awesome. Nothing special about it, just a normal pillow but nicer normal pillow, if that makes any sense. But last night right before bed Master had leaned on it and He commented on how soft the pillow was. He followed that up with He was going to find out how well it worked when it was being used to prop up my hips while He was fucking me. Shortly there after we found out that it works rather well. *laughs*

Today eventually it wasn't as bad as it was going to be later on so I ran the errand to go get my hair dye. I got it! It took forever. Mainly because I had to bleach the hair I wanted done and then wash and dry it. Once that was done I had to finally put the color in. But I love it! It didn't turn out exactly as I had in my mind. The reason is because I was only doing the bottom two inches of my hair. The problem was that I wanted it so that if I had to cut it due to a job I still wanted my hair longer. Well, if I had gone two inches all the way around my hair would have been really short up by my face. As a result I couldn't do it. Oh well. I still really like it. Master says He isn't sure how He feels about it yet and He'll make His decision after seeing how it looks while I'm bent over. It is very, very bright red.

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