January 11, 2015

Dumb Bitch

Not a lot has been on my mind that is anything new. The usual stresses. The usual bullshit.

The only thing new is that I have a feeling I'm really not going to like my future sister-in-law once my brother and her are married. I don't like her now. But I have a sneaking suspicion that if she feels as freely as she does to talk the way she does now, that it is only going to get worse when they are married.

They have been together for three years and have been engaged for a little while now. They haven't set a date or anything but hey.. who knows.. maybe one or both of them will break it off before that point.

Long story short I was outside having a cigarette and I heard her talking to my brother as they were walking out to the car. She was talking shit about my mother. Shit she doesn't have the guts to say to anyone but my brother. I ended up telling my mother about it. I wasn't eaves dropping. It's not my problem if she didn't see me standing outside and decided to talk that loudly.

I suppose I could have said something but I decided not to in case she wanted to say anything that I'd be able to hear. There wasn't but I felt that I should tell my mom anyway. I told Master first and asked His thoughts and He agreed that I should tell my mother. So now she knows.

*sigh* Master has asked me before if I would go to their wedding. I keep flip flopping about it. He is my baby brother. I love him. And usually he can be a pretty cool guy. But he has one hell of a temper on him and I don't always agree with how he handles shit. But then again who does agree with everything?

Really though my brother would be the only reason I would be going. And even then I'm leaning more towards just going to the reception. I don't even know why I'm bothering trying to figure it out right now since it will probably be a year or more before they get hitched and by then a ton of shit could change.

I guess I'm just of the opinion that you can vent all you like but if you have something to say to someone you say it to their face. You don't try to manipulate other people into saying it for you, and by the sounds of the conversation I caught that is exactly what she was doing. And you know why she was bitching? Because it was an inconvenience to her. To me this only goes to show how their marriage will/would go. Anything that makes her get off her fat ass is going to make my brother's life a living hell. But hey, that's his problem.

And this is just one of the reasons why when I hear her name the first words that come to mind are dumb bitch.

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