December 21, 2014

Handmade Collar Part 2 **UPDATED**

Not that long ago I had made myself a collar out of paracord. I loved it. I really did. But it started coming apart. I was still learning with such things and had actually been using a glue gun at the time because it looked better than when I melted the ends with a lighter. Mainly because I continuously burnt the ends to a crisp because I didn't know how to do it better.

But I had a hell of a time putting it on by myself. I think I had made it just a touch too small because
I didn't take the clip itself into consideration. *shrugs* It is a learning process. One I have gotten a hell of a lot better at.

Anyway... it was hard as hell to put on by myself and the ends of it were coming undone because the glue just wasn't a good method to go with. I've since gone back to burning the tips.

Honestly I stopped wearing it because I wasn't sure how to fix it. I thought about making a new one but I didn't know what colors I would like. I could make it exactly the same but I didn't really want to.

But then I found these skull charms and I absolutely had to buy them. No, I didn't put one on a collar. I made a bracelet for Master with it. So He has the black and purple bracelet with an infinity symbol on it and now a black and white bracelet with three skulls on it.

Well, I obviously wanted a bracelet with a skull on it. So I made a red and black one. I absolutely loved how the colors looked together. The red is very vibrant. Red has always been one of my favorite colors. To me it almost looked like a blood red ribbon going through the middle of the bracelet.

That's when I decided that is how I wanted my new collar to look. So I quickly cut out the infinity symbol on my "old" collar to put on my new one. I made it exactly the same as my new bracelet with the skull charm. Black with a blood red stripe going through the middle. The skull on my bracelet matches the one on Master's, except His bracelet has three and I have one. The infinity symbol on my collar matches the one on His other bracelet.

I am able to put this one on by myself without much trouble. It is still tight enough to feel like a collar but not overly tight, like the last one. I'm really glad I did this.

I received a comment on this post asking for a picture of my new collar.

Here you go! *smiles*


  1. Can you post a picture?

  2. Nice work! I like it a lot =)

  3. Great job!

    Just a thought but since you're already involved in the kinky lifestyle...have you considered buying metal buckle clips and making paracord kinky stuff? Handcuffs, spreader bars, etc.

    1. Thanks!

      Since I am allergic to most metals, due to nickel content, I have not looked into buying metal buckle clips or really anything metal for that fact. In regards to kinky stuff the collar is the kinkiest thing I've made with the paracord. I only sell locally so it is all normal stuff. Bracelets, key chains, etc. No one in our life currently knows about our lifestyle so I don't really want to "out" us locally. Also, that'd be a hell of a thing. "Thanks for buying the key chain. Would you also like to buy these handcuffs?" LOL I've joined paracord groups and websites to get more ideas and I think the closest thing to kink I've come across is a whip that someone had and wrapped paracord around the handle. It looks AWESOME.... but I would really have no need to make one. I would like to look into selling aside from locally but on ebay they are SUPER cheap. A lot cheaper than what I charge. I'm assuming that's because they buy all of their supplies, and sell everything, in bulk. I'm too small of an "operation" to support that.

  4. that's so skilled! very impressed